Friday, February 2, 2018

Choose Wisely for Your Snacking Time!

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Is snacking good or bad? It is bad, bad when you do not choose wisely what you consume during the snack time. Many of us during our working hour often forget for this important thing. Chips, high gluten food, oily and many kind of unhealthy snack usually more tempting during that time when we really need a break during the office hour. That wide variety of food mentioned previously is what making snacking bad for us, not only for the diet but for our health. Then again snacking could be good, when snacking be done with healthy food menu. Healthy is not always related with something green and tasted bad, that is in old days. Today we could get snacking in a good way also in a great taste!

The snacking menu that having high recommendation on every healthy lifestyle article or forum that will be presented here also is (drum roll) yogurt!

Many of you not surprised as maybe you already know the mightiness of yogurt. But some of you might I bet. If you already know, good keep up the good things. For you that just read this, start to add it on your groceries list immediately.

A daily serving of yogurt can help you to keep colds away. The healthy bacteria in yogurt help signals to the immune-boosting cells in your body to power up and fight off harmful bugs. Yogurt is loaded with vitamins, one from many is Vitamin B12 that mostly found in animal products, so snacking yogurt for the vegetarian can help them to get the intake that the body needs from it.

But you need to keep in mind the basic is the better. It applies for you once you decide to snacking it during your break time. YUMMY Greek Yoghurt still be the best choice for your snacking time!


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